AGM Meeting



  1. Welcome and call to order
    Willem Botha (WB) extended a warm welcome to all present at the meeting.
  2. Attendance register
    See attached attendance list.
  3. Apologies
    Hendrik VissE􀀒r and several other members that tendered their apologies when the invitations were sent out to the members.
  4. Finalization of agenda
    Added: Reporting lines.
  5. Approval of the minutes of the Annual General Meeting of members held on 16 May 2018
    Minutes of the AGM of 16/5/2017 were sent via email to members. The minutes were approved by David and seconded by Neil.
  6. Chairman’s report
    WB requested Dick Carr to take over the chairmanship while he presented the Chairman’s report for the period from 1 April 2017 to 31 March 2018.
    The report consists of 7 pages of written feedback from the Directors, Project Managers, CE and Advisory committee members. The report will be put on the website and circulated to all the members. Therefor the chairman will only deal with highlights from the report instead of presenting the total report. Dick Carr (acting chair) asked if members were in agreement with the chairman’s report. Members indicated their unanimous acceptance of the report. The appoinbnent of auditors and determining of their remuneration for the ensuing year
  7. WB mentioned that MM Pretorius & Co, based in Riversdale have been the auditors over the previous three years. He requested whether they should remain the auditors of the GCBR. Their fee will be about R20 000 for the year. The proposal was accepted by the members.
  8. The election of Directors for the vacant portfolios
    8.1 Hendrik Visser as director has served a 3-year term and is available for re­-election again, he was elected and accepted by the members
    8.2 Yvette Potgieter has been co-opted as a director by the board on 11 April 2018. WB briefly introduced Yvette, she explained that she is from a marketing background that will be a huge step up because she can give crucial assistance with marketing, communications and info regarding the upgrade of our website. She feels the GCBR website is a critical point of contact for the company to tell this story, communicate with its members, public and it is imperative that this website fully reflects the nature and the activities of the company in a simple yet effective manner.
    The appointment of Yvette was unanimously approved by the members. No voting was required. The members congratulated the newly elected director.
    8.3 There is 1 more vacancy on the board for a seventh director and although it is not a definite prerequisite a person with a financial background will be an advantage.
  9. Finance
    Report back on audited financial statement of:
    9.1 The GCBR;
    Approval of audited financial statements of the GCBR for the period up to 31 March 2018 was given by the Board.
    9.2 The combined GCBR statement; and
    Approval of audited combined financial statements of the GCBR and Gouritz Enterprises Pty Ltd for the period up to 31 March 2017 was given by the Board.
    9.3 The Gouritz Enterprize Pty Ltd
    The audited financial statements of Gouritz Enterprises Pty Ltd for the period up to 31 March 2017 and 2018 was approved by die Board. The Board of Gouritz Enterprises has decided that the account will be made dormant, if needed it could be re-opened immediately. WB
  10. Matters to be added to the agenda
    Reporting lines to the GCBR is as follows:
    First line of communication regarding any concerns can be lodged with SdT at the Riversdale Head office 028-050 0577, or they can contact WB, members of the Board or DC of the Advisory Committee directly. We feel an open and honest respectful relationship towards others needs to be established and the transparency of a company shown. As soon as the new website is in place all information and correspondence will be available there.
  11. Guest Speakers to conclude the AGM
    11.1 A Needle in a Haystack -A journey of discovery with the Outramps CREW Group and the Buchu Bus-Di Turner (Outramps CREW group) Dynamics and economics of fish populations in the Goukou
    11.2 Estuary-Jean du Plessis (CapeNature)
    11.3 Revamping the Goukou catchment -Rhett Hiseman (GCBR
    11.4 He unexpectedly got Ill and had to leave
    11.5 Rethink bags -Mary Carr (Rolbaken)
  12. Meeting adjourns
    WB thanked all present at the meeting for attending and supporting the GCBR. The meeting adjourned at 13:20.

    Adopted on this day 20 of August 2019